Physical Wellness

"There is a stigma attached to Mental Health, and we've done a lot through the years to break some of those, but they're still there." Brad Lincks, CEO of The Brook Hospital, emphasizes how important it is to seek help when needed or offer it to someone you see stugling.

Make the Commitment to Yourself

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Make your mental & physical health a priority!

SummitMedia has teamed up with the Louisville area's leading health professionals to promote mental & physical wellness to the community. The week will feature Public Service and Promotional announcements reminding the community to make their mental & physical health a priority!

with Vivify Wellness Club

Mental Health

with The Brook Hospital

Substance Use

with The Brook Hospital

When it comes to long-term Physical Wellness, it doesn't matter when you start taking care of yourself, as long as you start. Sarah Goldsmith, Director at Vivify Wellness Club said it best, "You don't start brushing your teeth once you get a cavity. You start brushing your teeth to prevent getting a cavity."

Physical Health

Dr. Jillian Porter & Dr. Melissa Porter give tips on how you can recognize signs from your body saying something may not be right. It's better to be proactive about little aches and pains rather than wait because the long-term effects could be very painful.

"Sometimes what may start out as not a problem, becomes a problem." Brad Lincks, CEO of The Brook Hospital, highlights when Substance Use becomes noticeable and how to approach getting help for you or someone you know.

with Total Body Chiropractic

Preventative Healthcare

with Lifespring Health Systems

Preventative health care is important to living a long and healthy life. Lifespring Health Systems recommends scheduling your annual checkup to have your blood pressure and cholesterol monitored, as well as annual immunizations and preventative screenings